Torre del Greco

Torre del Greco (Tower ‘or Grieco in naples) is an Italian town of 85 907 inhabitants of the metropolitan city of Naples, in the Campania region. The city is located in the immediate vicinity of the national park of Vesuvius, between Vesuvius and the bay of Naples and is the fourth municipality in the region and number of inhabitants.

Torre del Greco is known in the world especially for its hand-crafted coral, cameos and mother of pearl. This artistic tradition which has developed since the SEVENTEENTH century has been handed down from the ancient School of engraving and coral work annexed to the Museum.

There is an important industry owner, heir of the coral fishermen, with six large companies with navigations (“Changed”, “Giuseppe Bottiglieri Navigation”, “Fratelli D'amato”, “Di Maio & Partners”, “Perseverance”, “Bottiglieri – De Carlini – Rizzo”), and others of less importance. In 2012, the failure of the Deiulemar has put in crisis the entire economy of the town, having regard to the involvement, as the bondholders of the company, more than 10000 families torresi; previously, always in the field of armatoria, there had already been the failure of the Di Maio Line

To work and economic activity prevalent are: maritime labour, the shipyards sites on the harbour, the centre of the maintenance of the Railways of the State to Santa Maria la Bruna, goldsmiths and coral nursery garden firms of small and medium-sized.

Between the years between fifty and seventy Torre del Greco was the major reservoir of strength work related to the great ships, both passenger load. The maritime enrolled over 30,000 units, creating a state of affluence and wealth that appears to be unique in the history of the maritime labour and industrial in Italy. As A result of the structural changes occurring in the national and international context, this sector manages to occupy only about 6,000 workers.

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