“ Every piece of jewelry tells an emotion... For more than 100 years
we make unique moments of your life,
our work.
In the quality of the product, the memory lives on forever
Mattia Mazza

The Mattia Mazza born in the early ‘900 by the passion which, for centuries, the league of the CORAL to Torre del Greco. Since then there have been more than a hundred years and four generations have followed the guide of one of the historical names in the field of production of coral, generations have been able to add innovative elements to a business that has its roots in the tradition. For this reason, red-gold in all its forms and colors has been and will always be at the centre of our activities. Coral, but not only...

The Mattia Mazza has continuously expanded its business horizons, both in the field of raw materials, and finished products.

The PEARLSfrom the akoya to Fresh water, have always supported the coral as the core business of the company.

And then the TURQUOISE, the Mother-of-PEARL, l’AMBER without forgetting the CAMEOShigh expression of artistic craftsmanship. In short, all those materials are typical of the production of the goldsmith family.

The evolution of the business has brought all of these materials to become the essence of our creations. Jewels characterized by the tradition, but also by a constant search for innovative solutions in the lines and materials used. This is how the collections of jewellery, which in recent years has side-by-side KOLIE’ 925a rich line of silver and stones.

Semi-finished products and finished products, but above all “customer service”, that, to us, has become the watchword for everything, right from the small things... ...because it's the small things that make all the difference.

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