Mattia Mazza Men

MARK and KUBE are the lines of bracelets and necklaces Mattia Mazza designed for men but can be worn also by women.

MARK it is composed by a symbol in 18 carat gold, with precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

The bracelets are all tucked in with natural stones, using hematite, onyx, malachite, kyanite, rhodolite garnet or labradorite, coupled based on the color of the precious stones of the symbol in gold.

The necklaces are made from the symbol in gold and a necklace that can be a choice between a drawcord adjustable nylon or chain venetian gold 18kt.

KUBE replaces the classic ball with a cut-off block, multi-faceted, innovative, and of great visual impact.

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Mattia Mazza Men

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