The Pearls Edison represent the latest and the most innovative result of the production of fresh water pearls. Born from a study that began in the early 2000s, have reached a high quality standard, only after more than a decade.
The Pearls Edison arise from the idea to offer to the market an alternative product to the beads of salty water, at a more competitive price.
To achieve this goal, we tried to work the oysters of fresh water in the same way as those of salt water, by then a single solid core inside the clam. Consequently, the oysters produce a one-of-pearl, while in the normal production of pearls, fresh water production can exceed 10 units for single oyster.
This decrease in the number of pearls produced has led a number of advantages in terms of quality:
– a sphericity increased, thanks to the nucleus round which form the pearl.
– a dimension that goes from 9 to 16 mm, this is because the nuclei are about 7-8 mm.
– a brightness higher, due to the production of a single pearl, and then a better concentration of nacre around it.
These features, together with, at a price much more competitive, have made the Pearls Edison's an interesting product, which is gradually gaining more space in the production of jewelry and that is always appreciated by the lovers of the pearls.

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