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We are members of the goldsmiths ' Centre the Tari, our module is the n° 113.
il tari

In the business world and the Tari represents an unprecedented example

The goldsmiths ' Centre The Tari was born in 1996 from an idea of a group of young entrepreneurs from naples who choose to go down the road of sharing and centralization of the precious culture and jewelry-making tradition.
As A symbol and a witness to the historicity is chosen to use the name of The Tari, one of an ancient gold coin of Arabic, which is widespread in the Kingdom of Naples until the age of aragon.
The simplicity of the word, which is easily pronounced in all languages, its historical roots, the identity with the precious product, it is the most suitable identification of a place where tradition and innovation are two sides of the same coin.
Operating for the past 20 years, the Tari is a absolute benchmark in the world of goldsmith's national and international, so to get to engineer the know-how to offer consulting services of the highest level in consortia and international companies emerging with the same goals.
The common spaces, the squares, the exhibition halls, the companies daily operations Centre, contribute to make The Tari a place without equal in space and emphasize the values of the organisation, freedom of movement, increasing the value of individuality, attention to quality.
It is a symbol of the challenge of entrepreneurship, organizational skills, share common objectives, even today, 20 years after its birth, has no comparison, nor in Italy, nor to the international level. All, tied to a world that expresses the best of Italian creativity: the Jewel.

A choice of success

Since 1996, The Tari is a new way of doing business. The idea of co-working that focuses on the individual personality. A project in constant evolution, dedicated to jewelry. The Tari is born from an intuition, a passion, and from an era. It is the story of the history and business of the last thirty years, lived by an extraordinary economy campana, that the jewelry in an increasingly international context. It is the story fascinating, complex, a group of men and their vision of an ancient craft. Join to bring to life a unique, great and unique business reality. Leave the city, uncomfortable, and risky, to get together in the futuristic city of gold. Tradition and creativity are the dna of the Tari. The daily confrontation with the market inspired by the evolution of our Companies. A world of craftsmen and services, to constantly support the needs of the world goldsmith. The Tari believes in the Difference: the quality is measured with the management. The spaces and services of the Tari are constantly open to forms of expression and experimentation, always new. We organize Exhibitions and Events, success, because we believe in the power of ideas.
il tari
il tari

The Value of the Tari

The Tari is a heritage-appreciated in the world: the stable presence of 400 entrepreneurs makes The Tari is the point of reference in the production and distribution of precious.

The attendance figures are approximate: each day, The Tari is populated by more than 3500 professionals, for more than 400,000 visitors every year.
500 companies stably present (30% production, 30% services, 40% of the distribution).
2500, 3500 daily presence (7000 during the trade fairs).
400.000 operators annually.
3 trade fairs dedicated to the sector the year with over 25,000 presences established for each edition, and the participation of 400 companies in internal and 100 exhibitors external.
850 million euros of consolidated turnover for the year.
30% of the product of the companies for export (mainly to countries in europe and the mediterranean, the United States, Russia, China).
Of 135,000 square meters. of global reach, for a total of over 40,000 square meters. dedicated permanently to the production and distribution activities of the members, to which is added the 9,500 square meters. of the trade fair halls (each of 4000 square meters.).

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